Canada Elite Badminton is an established badminton training club creating badminton players for the future. It has league and play badminton tournaments for players looking to improve their skills and ability and become a professional badminton player. These tournaments get organized regularly, to help the athletes stay in touch with the badminton game and play the sport competitively at all times. To play the league and play tournament at Canada Elite badminton, you need to register yourself as an individual player. The opponents are assigned randomly for each round in both singles and doubles competition. The partner for doubles matches are going to be assigned randomly at the start of the tournament. The rally-point system is going to be in effect for every match in the league and play tournament.

The games in a badminton match for these tournaments can be won at 21 points, but the 2-point gap is a must. If there isn’t a 2-point gap, then the game gets decided with a 1-point gap on 30 points. Once a player wins 2 games out of 3, then they advance to the next round of the league and play tournament. This rule is certified by the badminton world governing body, Badminton World Federation (BWF). To start the league and play tournament, a player has to sign a waiver and a facility usage agreement. Canada Elite Badminton hosts these league and play tournaments to provide the best opportunity for beginners and highly-skilled athletes to become an better badminton player. 



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