Badminton as a sport is one of the most intriguing but very simple to play at the same time. Officially it is known as the fastest racket sport in the world. A match in badminton is played between two players in singles competition and two pairs in doubles competition. Racket, shuttlecocks, shoes, attire, and court are the basic equipment involved to play the sport of badminton. Badminton World Federation (BWF) in international matches has allowed the feather shuttlecock to be used only. To win a player has 2 out of 3 games to win a badminton match. Generally, when a player scores 21 points in a match then a game is won. Although when the score gets to 20-20, then a player has to score two back to back points to win that game. Most importantly, if the score gets to 29-29 in badminton, then the player scoring the next point ends up winning that particular game.

Badminton training at Canada Elite Badminton

A badminton player has to be a strong and agile physical specimen with characteristics like fitness and athleticism to play badminton as a regular at any level. We at Canada Elite Badminton provide you the best badminton training Toronto to enhance your badminton skill and ability while ensuring that you are fitter and healthier in life.

To give you the best badminton training, we have the training programs available for beginners as well as high-performance players. Our top-notch facilities the badminton clubconsists of coaching classes from our expert coaches, league and play tournaments for badminton, events like Christmas Smash Tournament and Badminton Spring League, club membership, court rental, and pro-shops, etc. 

With our badminton programs, a player has a great prospect to get better at playing the sport and eventually represent their country internationally in badminton. At our badminton pro-shop, we have a range of badminton rackets from top international companies like Yonex, Black Knight, and Victor. These companies produce the best badminton rackets that help you to perform to the best of your ability and stay injury-free at the same time in a high-level badminton tournament. 

Intrinsic aspects of the badminton rackets 

A player can select the best badminton racket while customizing its weight, balance point, string tension, shaft flexibility, and handgrip. All these aspects should be well aligned to ensure optimum racket performance for the players at beginner, intermediate or high levels. The intrinsic aspects of badminton racket used at our badminton club in Toronto are below:

  1. Weight - Badminton rackets are generally under 100 grams for the player with high weight rackets used by top players. The racket weight from 95-100g is called 1U, 90-94g for 2U, 85-89g for 3U, 80-84 for 4U, 76-79 for 5U, and so on.
  2. Balance Point - The balance point gives the racket stability in the finger for the players. There are three balance points of a badminton racket that are Head-heavy, Head-light, and Even at 285mm to 295mm.
  3. String Tension - String tension of a badminton is all about optimum elasticity. Lower string tension 17lbs to 23lbs is suitable for beginner players while the higher string tension at 24lbs to 30lbs is used by the advanced players.
  4. Shaft Flex - Flexible shaft helps in increasing the swing speed for the beginner players. Meanwhile, the stiff shaft has a faster snapback for more control in the badminton shot for an advanced player.
  5. Grips - Grips are there on a badminton racket to absorb sweat, add cushion, don’t slip, and give more friction to the player while executing badminton shots. Types of grips in badminton are towel, rubber, overgrip, and replacement.

Badminton court rental facility 

Badminton court is an important aspect for players to train for the sport and make a career in badminton at the domestic or international level. Mostly the badminton court facility isn’t available for everyone at a personal level, so the Canada Elite Badminton has provided the badminton court rental facility at affordable rates for players looking to feel and experience playing badminton professionally. As per BWF certified 8mm court specification, there are 8 badminton courts available for court rental.

In all, we at Canada Elite Badminton ensure that the skills and techniques of the players wanting to be a professional badminton player gets augmented every single day. The badminton training programs at our badminton club are organized under the expert supervision of our expert coaches to train the beginners to be the players of the future. With the badminton training at our club, any player can fulfill their dreams and aspirations of playing badminton internationally and represent their country in the Olympics.

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