Pickleball is the sport of the paddle that is inspired by the combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis. This game is played with a ball, paddle, and a minimize tennis net in the badminton size court. Pickleball can be played as singles that are one player on each side of the court and doubles that is two players on each side of the court. However, the rules for both ways to play the game is the same. In this game, the ball is served diagonally to the opponent.

List of Norms To Play

Do you know how can one play Pickleball in the court? No! Don’t worry today we will help you out by sharing the list of the rules you need to know before playing Pickleball Toronto:

  1. The Serve: At the time of serving the ball should be in the position lower than your hips and the swing must be in an underhand motion. Just like tennis, the server must remain behind the baseline while serving into an adjacent service box. The player gets only one chance to serve and if the ball hits the net, no-volley zone or outside the court then it would be a side out. On the other hand, if while serving the ball hits the net and reaches into the service box then it will be considered as let and the serve will be count. Remember, you can only score coins when you are serving. In doubles, each of the players serves till the point is lost then that would be the turn of another team.
  2. Scoring: Only the team that is serving will gain a score while the team which is receiving will not have any score at that time. The scoring will be told in three numbers with the accurate sequence: server score, receiver score and then the number of the servers 1 or 2. The game will continue till one of the team scores 11 and then the winner will be declared.
  3. No Volley Zone: The No Volley Zone from each side of the net is 7 feet. None of the players can hit the ball unless it bounces once if they are in the no-volley zone. If in case the player hit the ball from the no volley zone without allowing it to bounce for at least once then it would lead to losing one point. However, if the ball hits the No Volley Zone then the serving team will lose a point of their own.
  4. Double Bounce Rule:  Once the ball is served by a player, each of the sides must create a groundstroke before hitting the ball again which means that before you hit the ball it must bounce one time on the ground. However, when both of the sides have hit the ball one time as per the double bounce rule they can play the game continuously without worrying about the ball ground stroking. It is the basic and most important rule that needs to be followed.

So these were the essential basic rules of the Pickleball Toronto which you need to follow if you are interested in playing this game. We at Canada Elite Badminton & Sports teaches all our players about these rules and techniques they can use to avoid losing a point.

Get Trained in PickleBall Now

If you are interested in learning pickleball and become one of the top-ranking players in it then we at Canada Elite Badminton & Sports will help you in your pickleball training. Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, you can easily gain the knowledge of the rules and play according to that while using some of the strategies that you will get to know about at the time of training that will help you in winning almost all the matches in which you will participate proficiently.

What Else Can You Get Trained At?

Canada Elite Badminton & Sports does not only provide pickleball training but you can also get trained at Badminton as we are the best Badminton Training Club in Toronto that you will ever come across. We help you in learning all the techniques and rules to play badminton and get ready for the tournaments or leagues. We at Canada Elite Badminton & Sports, also organize events as well as leagues & play for the players so that they can know their strengths and weakness while competing with other players efficiently and can work on improving their weaknesses and converting them into their strength.

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