Badminton is played professionally in the rectangular court that has unique dimensions. One can find these courts in Badminton Training Centre. The Badminton Court is divided into two equal halves by the net in between and it is marked for both the single and double play simultaneously. The full width and length of a Badminton World Federation Certified Court are 20ft and 44ft respectively.

We at Canada Elite Badminton & Sports provide badminton court rental in our training institute for the players on advance booking or on membership so that the players can enhance their playing skills and abilities. With the membership of the court, one can play badminton with their family, friends or colleagues too. Generally, the charges of the court are fixed but it can change depending upon the time you stay there. There are some rules and regulations on the booking and cancellation of the Badminton court which are listed below on this page.



(more than 5. min need charge extra half hour, more than 35 min. charge one hour rate.)


Member Pricing


Non-Prime Time: $22.60/hour


Prime Time: $28.25/hour


Mid-night Session: $45.2/hour

Non-Member Pricing:


Non-Prime Time: $28.25/hour


Prime Time: $33.90/hour

(Promotion price $28.25/hour)


Mid-night Session: $56.5/hour


·       Purchase 20 hours and get 2 additional hour free

·       Purchase 40 hours and get 5 additional hours free

·       Purchase 60 hours and get 8 additional hours free

Booking Rules:

– Only no mark badminton shoes are permitted.
– Payment must be made at time of court booking.
– Posted rates are per court, per hour, or portion of each hour.
– All players must sign in prior to play.
– Maximum 6 players per court.
– No personal coaching and multiple bird feedings except by CEBA coaching staffs.

Racket & Shoes Rentals: add $ 5.65 for 3 hours for each item.


– Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance by emailing
– Full payment is charged for any cancellation without 24 hours notice.

Note: CEBA has the right to change or cancel any court booking without notice.



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