At Canada Elite badminton we have a badminton pro shop inside the club and one online store which are host to thousands of badminton related products. The pro shop has the widest variety of shuttles, shoes, apparel, strings, racquets and kit bags. We have products ranging from beginner to professional level which suits everyone’s needs. Moreover, Canada Elite badminton's pro shop is considered the one of the best in entire North America. Furthermore, Canada Elite badminton provides out of the box Badminton racket stringing service as its a vital part of badminton. These days people buy expensive rackets but get it strung in a wrong way. At Canada Elite badminton provide the right kind of strings which suits your racket therefore, providing the right tension. We have the world's best stringing machines and experienced people who care for you and your sport. All in all, Canada Elite badminton is highly recognized as one of the best badminton pro shop and racket stringing service in Toronto.

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Racquet stringing service available with different choices of strings

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