Toronto New Students
- Future Champions

Future Champions

Simone Huang from Montreal
- 2019-2020 Quebec U19GS, U17GS & U15GS Champions

Kevin Yang from Toronto
- 2019 Pan-am U11BD, U11XD runners up and U11BS qualifier

Qingzi Ouyang from Vancouver
- 2015-2016 Multiple Pan-Am Champions
- 2013-2017 undefeated Canadian National Junior Champions.

Qingzi was the first player in Canada's badminton history to be approved for Canadian Citizenship in advance to represent Canada in international tournaments. 

Huang Guoxing from Calgary
- 2017 Canada Open Champion
- Calgary Drivesports Badminton head coach
- Former Beijing Team & Former China Youth National Team Player

Lu Lu from China
- 2008-2009 Mixed World Champions
- Former China National Team Player

Wenjun He from China
- Former Beijing Team & Former China National Team Player

Benjamin Lee Yihui & Megan Lee Xinyi from Singapore
- 2019-2020 Singapore Junior national team players

Jiang Mingxi from Singapore
- Junior Champions in China, Singapore, Finland and Canada

Wenjun Ouyang from Vancouver
- 2018-2019 National U19 Boys Doubles Top Athlete of BC
- Canada National U15BS Champions

Huang Weihao from China
- China Junior National Champions

Zhong Hanlin from China
- Former SiChuan Province Team Players
- 2019 China Taibai Cup Men's double Open Champions

Bryan Kim from Toronto