Pay before you enter the court area

  • Non-marking, non-black-soled, in-door shoes only on court
  • No food or beverages on court area. Only bottled water please.

Member & Drop-In Play Policy:

  • Court 1, 2 and 3 are reserved for drop-in play at all times, 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • Each drop-in session lasts 3 hours.
  • No singles games are permitted if any players are waiting for a court.
  • To guarantee drop-in players’ fair playing time, all matches are restricted to doubles games. Rotation is in effect during all drop-in hours, especially when there are other drop-in players waiting. A maximum of 2 minutes is permitted for on-court warm-up.
  • All games on the drop-in courts are limited to two games. The standard rally-points scoring system of 21 points is used for all games.
  • If your group does not wish to play games, you may opt to play for a maximum of 15 minutes instead, before rotating.
  • Only feather shuttlecocks allow when sharing drop-in courts.


Monthly Pass Membership
(HST included)


Year 2020 monthly Pass promotions Monthly Fees
Daytime Pass (no holiday incl.)

Mon-Fri  10 am – 4 pm(finish playing at 4pm), call for appointment

$43/month, $230/half year;

Now $32/month, $170/half year

(ave. 1.4 per time)

One Night Pass


Plan A: Mon or Tues. or We. Or Thur night



Plan B: Friday or Sat. or Sun.


Plan A: $36/month, $190/half year; 

Now $32/month, $170/half year

 (ave. $7 per time)


Plan B: $41/month, $215/half year;  

Now $36/month, $190/half year

(ave. $7.9 per time)


2-Night Pass

Plan A: Mon & Wed

Plan B: Tue & Thurs

$56.5/month, $305/half year;

Now $45/month, $243/half year

(ave. $5 per time)

2-Day Weekend Unlimited Pass

Sat. & Sun

$68/month, $368/half year;

Now $56.5/month, $305/half year

(ave. $6.4 per time)

3-Night Pass

Plan A: Mon & Wed & Sat.

Plan B: Tue & Thurs & Sun

$68/month, $368/half year;

Now $56.5/month, $305/half year

 (ave. $3.75 per time)

4 Nights Pass

Plan A: Mon & Wed & Sat. & Sun.

Plan B: Tue & Thurs & Sat. & Sun

$70/month, $380/half year;

Now $60/month, $325/half year

(ave. $4.2 per time)

All Day Unlimited Pass $90.5/month, $486/half year;

Now $77/month, $430/half year

(ave. $2.26 per time)

Weekend Family Happy Hour Special

Sat. & Sun. 2-6 pm

Plan A: Parents + 1 kid

Plan B: Parents + 2 kids

Plan C: Parents + 3 kids


Family members must be in the same household address


Plan A: $26/visit, $92.5/month

Now $85/month

Plan B: $31.65/visit, $113/month

Now $102/month

Plan C: $37/visit, $136/month

Now $122/month


  • Selected dates will be for duration of commitment, no substitutions will be allowed due to missed days or holidays.
  • No membership extensions or suspensions allowed

Drop-in Memberships
(GST included)




Drop-in Membership Initiation Fee



Description: Get discounted pricing on drop in, court rental, members can use member cards when bringing new guesses to our club(fist time client). Members also get specials at Pro-Shop events/ promotions.


Price (50% off now!)

·       Adult: $113

·       Family Membership:
Spouse& Family Adult:$101.7, every child(18 and under): $39.55

·       Students:$33.90 each

·       Junior (18 and under)/Senior (55+): $56.5




Non-Prime Time Sessions (NEW!!!)

Monday – Friday:

10:00 am – 4:00 pm



10 times $56.5 (ave. $5.65 per time)

25 times $127.125 (ave. $5.09 per time)

50 times $226 (ave. $4.52 per time)




Prime Time Sessions


4:00pm – 11:00pm

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays:

10:30am – 11:00 pm


Mid-night Sessions (NEW!!!)

Everyday: 11:00 pm – 7:00 am


$11.30/person/session - $10.17

10 times $101.7 (ave. $10.17 per time)

25 times $240.13 (ave. $9.61 per time)

50 times $452 (ave. $9.04 per time)

100 times $847.5 (ave. $8.48 per time)




10 times $130.00 (ave. $13 per time)











Extended Drop in session $3.39

Package expired in 18 months, packages not transferable, ONE family within same address can share one package of drop-in card together.

Canada Elite Badminton reserves the right to change the court usage and price at any time without prior notice.



177B Westcreek Drive
L4L 9N6 Vaughan, Ontario


+1 905-944-0607