Our Head Coach

Ouyang, Former player for the China National Team.  A registered senior level badminton coach in China, Singapore and Canada, has brought the necessary expertise, drive and commitment to help lead our club coaches through a journey of constant improvements. Ouyang is recognized as one of the leading Technical Directors in Global for his knowledge and expertise on player development. Ouyang trained many top professional badminton players on the world stage, and got best badminton coach in China, Singapore and BC Canada. Yonex Canada sponsor coach Ouyang at their highest level in the year 2020.




欧阳江树 总教练&联合创始人






前中国国家队国手, 与队友杨阳在一起

Owen coached Huang Guoxing in Toronton Open 2019

Coach of the year BC, Canada

Ouyang is one of the first batch of Senior Level Badminton Coaches in China (2007)

With former China National Team teammate Yang Yang together


Coach Ouyang is a former Chinese National Team Player and is currently Yonex Canada's highest sponsored coach. Ouyang was the first male qualifying player selected to represent China's National Badminton Team from Guangxi provincial team. In his 20s, he represented his country for over seven years while developing his skills under the guidance of the first generation of veteran coaches: Wang Wenjiao, Chen Fushou, Hou Jiachang, Lin Shiquan, and others.  

Coach Ouyang is a certified senior coach in China, Singapore and Canada who has been engaged in badminton teaching and professional club management for more than 30 years. He has taught senior level badminton at the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles levels and has written badminton teaching and competition articles as well as papers that have been published in China and many other countries. Ouyang's backhand techniques and instructional methods are a part of his unique teaching philosophy. 

Ouyang was invited to coach badminton in many countries, including China, Singapore, Australia, Finland, UK, Holland, Germany, etc. Furthermore, he has trained many national and international professional badminton players, such as World Champion Lu Lu, Canada and Toronto Open champion, Huang Guoxing, and top Chinese professional players like He Wenjun, Zhong Feiyu, Li Junxiu, Huang Zhangqi, Wei Yi, Zhou Zi Wen, Deng Weiyi, Lu Ye, Li Haofu, and others. Of note, one of Coach Ouyang's most recent representative students is

- 2013-2017 undefeated Canadian National Junior Champion and multiple Pan-Am Champion Qingzi Ouyang. Qingzi was the first player in Canada's badminton history to be approved for Canadian Citizenship in advance to represent Canada in international tournaments. 

Other notable players who have mainly learned under Coach Ouyang include:

- 2008-2009 Mixed World Champions, Former China National Team Player Lu Lu,

- 2017 Canada Open Champion, Calgary Drivesports Badminton head coach Huang Guoxing

- 2019-2020 Singapore Junior national team players Benjamin Lee Yihui & Megan Lee Xinyi,

- 2018-2019 National U19 Boys Doubles Top Athlete of BC Wenjun Ouyang

- 2019 Pan-am U11BD, U11XD runner up and U11BS qualifier Kevin Yang, and

- 2019-2020 Quebec U19GS, U17GS & U15GS Champions Simone Huang

We are confident that a new batch of future champions will emerge from Canada Elite Badminton & Sports and we look forward to helping you achieve that goal in the near future!

欧阳教练(廖杰):中国国家队羽毛球退役运动员,是建国以来广西男队输送国家队的第一人,得到了中国第一代元老羽毛球教练王文教、陈福寿、侯加昌、林诗权等教练的的指导。欧阳教练获中国羽毛球注册高级教练资格,新加坡&加拿大注册专业教练,硕士学位。中国国家队退役至今从事羽毛球教学及专业俱乐部管理 30 多年,资深全面教学羽毛球单打、双打、混双并在海内外发表了羽毛球教学竞技论文及著作,欧阳的反手技术及教学方法形成了自己一套独特教学理念、更称羽坛一绝,可以国语粤语英语教学。应邀请欧阳教练曾在中国、新加坡、澳大利亚,欧洲等各国进行羽毛球专业教学,培养出国家级和国际级专业羽毛球选手,如陆璐、黄国星、何文军、钟飞羽、李俊秀、黄章起、韦逸、周子文、邓维一、陆叶、李昊夫等中国优秀运动员。近期的代表学生有2013-2017 加拿大连续四年大满贯加拿大全国冠军及多次泛美冠军欧阳晴子,晴子是加拿大羽球界首个获提前特批入籍代表国家队出征的选手。新加坡前国手蒋明希,现青年队的以晖&心仪兄妹也是欧阳的学生。新的一批未来加拿大国手期待从加拿大精英俱乐部中冉冉升起哦!期待你的加入!

Ouyang's Badminton Career and Experience


Ouyang was invited to coach in Australia by Australia National Badminton Association

Guangxi China

Ouyang was selected to Guangxi Provincial Badminton Team in his early 10s, he was the first male qualifying player selected to represent China's National Badminton Team from Guangxi.

With his teammate in Guangxi team, many world champions inside this picture!
Former Guangxi Team pictures, how many world champions you can find from here?
China National Team Players from Guangxi


Ouyang created China's first professional badminton training center in Nanning Guangxi, he trained many top badminton players from there including world Champions Lu Lu. Ouyang is one of the first batch famous senior badminton coach from China. 

Created the first registered professional badminton training club in China
with his professional students in Beijing
Lead the teams got awards in China

China National Team

Ouyang was selected to China National Badminton Team in his early 20s and represented China to achieve many world class awards. 

Former China National Team Player
With World Champions Lin Shui Jing
Represent China Badminton Team in New Year Party




With former teammate, Hongkong men's single coach Liu Zhiheng
With former teammate, Hongkong Head Coach He Yiming
Ouyang's students were seleted to Hongkong Junior team, with former HK head coach Mr. Chen


With LCW's coach
In LCW's house with Malasia Junior National Team players
Qingzi won champions in Malasia

Montreal 2020

With Montreal Students
With Montreal Student Simone Huang
With Montreal Students

Singaplore 2008-2012

With students
With Student Yihui & Xinyi, now they are Singaplore Junior National team players

Toronto Canada 2019

Coach professional Students in Toronto Open 2019
Train Toronto Competitiors
Coach Guangxi University Team 2019


Work with UK National Team
With UK National Team Coaches

Vancouver 2012-2019

Vancouver Student Qingzi won Pan-am champions
Coach of the year