A Highly Challenging Sport: Table Tennis Vaughan

Table Tennis is an Olympic sport that was invented in the early 20th Century in England. It is played inside the Table Tennis Court. This sport is taken care of by the International Table Tennis Federation that was founded in 1926. All the equipment that is required in Table Tennis is inexpensive and simple. To play this game, a rectangular table with 9ft/5ft length & breadth and a height of 2ft 6in, a table tennis racket and a ball with 2.7 grams weight.

Table Tennis can be played between two players and four-player known as singles and doubles respectively. Scoring 11 points is the main objective of this game before the opponent does. If your scores get tied at 10 points each then the person who had gained two points first will win. The overall match winner is decided by playing 3,5 or 7 rounds. One can score a point when the other fails to return the ball.

At Canada Elite Badminton & Sports, we provide Table Tennis Vaughan training to the interested players and teaches them all the different spins they can impart while playing or serving the ball to the opponent that will change it’s the trajectory and almost eliminated the chances of the ball to be returned by the opponent. Also, this game is extremely fast so it requires rapid reactions.

Being played so speedily and requiring quick actions make this game amongst the highly challenging one. One miss in the return of the ball leads to losing one point. That’s the reason the coaches and trainers available for Table Tennis Vaughan, keeps in mind to improve and enhance the overall performance, skill, ability, and athlete values as well of the player so that he can play at the international level. The player who wins 2 out of 3 matches, 4 out of 5 matches or 6 out of 7 matches is considered as a winner.

So come and join Canada Elite Badminton & Sports for the Table Tennis training from expert coaches and be ready to get at the tournaments than later.

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