Badminton is a sport that is liked and played by billions of people. It is a beginner-friendly sport because anyone can go out and start playing this game obviously not professionally but in a fun way. However, the individual who wants to become an advanced level player of Badminton someday should definitely start getting badminton training from the best Badminton Training Club.

Being the top-rated Badminton Club in Toronto, Canada Elite Badminton & Sports provide excellent training to the athletes who enter as a beginner and have numerous career dreams in Badminton. While beginners always focus on the facts like the shuttle should not touch the net or it’s in the court area only. But in reality, there are various other rules and skills that one should know about while going ahead in the field of Badminton. That’s’ why we will talk about those basic skills today.

Key Skills Every Beginner Must Know & Practice in Badminton

  • The Ready Stance

If every time you will have the right stance while playing Badminton then you can easily minimize the movements required to hit the shuttle. To be in the ready stance you need to move your non-racket leg forward while having a shoulder-width gap in between racket and non-racket leg.  Also, bend your knees a little bit and put your body balance on both legs equally. Besides, to improve the balance while playing keep both your racket and non-racket hand slightly upwards and don’t forget to keep your back straight. Doing this you would easily hit more amazing shots with fewer moments.

  • Backhand and Forehand Grip

Apart from stance, maintaining the grip on the racket is also essential. With an accurate grip, any player can hit the shuttle more effectively as well as protect themselves from any wrist injuries because of the wrong grip. Simplest and easiest way to hold the racket is by pretending a handshake. That means you should press your thumb on the handle and wrap the racket with the rest of your fingers and hand. Keep in mind, that the handshake that would be pretending to do should be a friendly one and should not be a tight grip type. Also, make sure that you have a comfortable grip on the racket so there is less to no chance of racket’s slipping.

  • Strokes

To develop a good Badminton Stroke habit is important to learn the basic 4 strokes that can be slightly moderated and used for drives, smashes or drops at the time they become an advanced level player. These four strokes are Overhead Forehand, Overhead Backhand, Underarm Backhand & Underarm Forehand. Among which some are easy to understand and practice while others would take more time to be an expert in.

  • Footwork

One of the most vital yet neglected parts of the Badminton Training is Footwork. The reason that it’s that essential to learn is the right footwork can give you an upper hand on the opponent as it will make the game easier so that you can cover more areas of the court, change directions swiftly and reduce the chances of knee injuries or sprains. With the right footwork, you will get efficient in recovering from the hit of the shuttle from anywhere around the court and move towards the other side. With the help of our experts, you will learn how to improve your footwork and moment in order to be the best.

  • Underarm Backhand Serve

The most basic service that you need to learn while playing badminton is the Underarm Backhand Serve. With this serve, you will have enhanced support and control in deciding the power that is required while serving the shuttle, the direction it should move towards and it’s height as well. If you will learn this serving, then you can easily decide from which direction you should hit the shuttle based upon your opponent. You can practice using the Underarm Backhand Serve to check the speed of your hit and at what direction it goes from which direction.

These were some of the basic skills that you as a beginner should definitely learn and practice. And for the guidance of experts join our badminton training programs and learn all the basic to advanced skills to play badminton whether you are an intermediate, beginner or advanced level player.

Just like the badminton training, we at Canada Elite Badminton & Sports also provide badminton racket stringing services for all the badminton players. If in case the racket that the player is using gets broken or has a loose string, then we will help them in repairing it efficiently. Not only they can get their badminton’s string repaired but can also get the racket customized with the features that they have wanted for long easily.

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